Sunday, June 15, 2008


My mailing address for the first ten weeks in Ecuador is:

Casey Kirchhoffer, PCT (for trainee)
Cuerpo de Paz
Casilla 17-08-8624
Quito, Ecuador
South America


I'm in Miami for a few days of "staging" before departure for Ecuador. This is where I'll meet my whole group and get some immunizations and it's also a good opportunity for last outs if anyone decides that this just isn't for them. I thought I'd send a quick update email to everyone before I get all wrapped up in the swing of things, shipped off to a new country, and deprived of electricity and internet.

Thank you so so so much to all of my very thoughtful family members and friends. It is very hard to tear yourself away from such amazing people who I love so much. Believe me I had many tearful goodbyes and moments in which I thought "why in the world would I leave all these wonderful people?" but you only have yourselves to blame. Its because of your unwavering support and encouragement that I even feel capable of packing up my life for two years and moving to Ecuador. I know I am very very lucky to have people so close to me no matter how far away I go. So thank you and I love you very much.

This is my attempt at a blog for keeping in touch. Let me know if you have trouble reading it or if it doesn't work or anything like that. I will try to keep it updated without clogging your email boxes. I always always love long emails so send 'em my way!

I'm sure there will be plenty more to come, but I thought I'd give this a test run. I have my cell phone for a few more days if you want to give me a call!